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We are the best platform for cycling of all its branches in New Zealand. We provide the best content, team, equipment, and news.


Our team of dedicated cyclists will guide towards your ultimate cycling experience. We all know how fun cycling can be, but have you ever experience the cycle fest. We at NZcyclefest organize and manage festivals that are dedicated to all cycling fans all over New Zealand. If you’re a cycle head, then you should frequent our website all the time because we have the latest news and information about the sport.


We work with all kinds of teams from all over the world who help us with equipment and management. In addition to that, we are also in close contact with organizers of cycling festivals. We help not only investors in the sport, but also cycling enthusiasts.

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Cycling Festivals

We always ran small cycling festivals that are local with the people that we knew, nothing major, but it’s always fun. However, thanks to our large team of organizers, we help broaden the sport and bring it to the public.

Not everyone knows what cycle fest is, but with NZcyclefest, we are going to have many visitors, athletes, enthusiasts, and sponsors in the location. We know that there is a huge community of cyclists in New Zealand and we are here for it.

However, NZcyclefest is not just about organizing, it’s also about the content which is why our team of writers is also a team of experienced cyclists who have spent decades in the sport. We will bring you content about the events, how-tos, equipment review, and bring the community together no matter what branch of cycling you identify with. Stay tuned for our blog section full of articles you will enjoy and benefit from. They are going to help you step your game up and become the best cyclist you can be, see? Cycling isn’t just about health, it’s also about the skill!