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There are a couple of websites out there that cover many aspects of cycling however we found they were usually trying to sell you something. There were also a little light on home grown commentary and cycling adventures from real New Zealanders. Hence was created. We aim to be the best platform for cycling stories etc in New Zealand. We also aim to provide our readers with the best content, team, equipment reviews, and news out there.


Our team of dedicated cyclists will guide you towards your ultimate cycling experience. We all know how fun cycling can be, but have you ever experienced it thru the eyes of others who have been to places we can only dream about. We at NZcyclefest organize and manage articles that are dedicated to all cycling fans all over New Zealand. If you’re a 'cycle head', then you should frequent our website all the time because we have the latest news and information about the sport.


We work with all kinds of teams from all over the world who help us with equipment reviews so keep an eye out for the latest gear. In addition to that, we are also in close contact with organizers of cycling meets. We help not only the casual day trippers, but also the more specialist cycling enthusiasts.

NZcyclefest is not just about organizing great writers, it’s also about the content which is why our team of writers is also a team of experienced cyclists who have spent decades in the sport. We will bring you content about the events, how-to's, equipment review, and bring the community together no matter what branch of cycling you identify with. Stay tuned for our blog section full of articles you will enjoy and benefit from. They are going to help you step your game up and become the best cyclist you can be,